Thursday, December 30, 2010

Succeeding With Your Doctorate

Just finished reading text book Succeeding With Your Doctorate: Author Jerry Wellington. This book gave excellent tips and information on what to expect in the doctoral program.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


SEM/700R DOCTORAL PROGRAM ORIENTATION SEMINAR course does not start until January 11, 2011. However, I have decided to get a head start on one of the many assigned reading materials, Succeeding with Your Doctorate: Author Jerry Wellington.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Notes.....

Random Notes.....
  • Buy Jump Drive
  • Set a schedule. At the end of the week, write down my accomplishments. [Blog]
  • Keep a record of reading materials, publications, dissertations,  bibliographies, journals....
 [at the dissertation stage]

Junk Writing
  • Write for 10 minutes each day. Increase minutes daily.
  • Write 3 -5 pages daily
  • Pick a reasonable number of pages and write that same number every day
  • At the end of the week:
    • Summarize
    • Write down questions
    • Puzzlement
    • What ideas do I what to explore
    • What ideas do I want to develop or follow
Rough Draft From Zero Draft
  • Pick out words, phrases, or sentences that seems interesting
  • What stands out for me the most in what I've written
  • Is there an argument in this mess
  • What point do I want to make
  • What I've written, is it true
  • Do I still believe this
  • What is it that I'm trying to say in this argument/section/chapter
A. Write down the problems
B. Think about it
C. Write down the solution

An Organized Outline Pattern
  • Create the outline
  • Ask questions
  • What are my main points
  • Which are the subordinates
  • What do I think is true about the subject and why
  • What would I say
This methods words for a person who begins with a theory and then moves to the concrete of the outline.
Someone whose thought process is highly organized.